Living My Process In “Real” Time …

My life has always been an educational experience. I have come to see that we never arrive at a place of completion in life because life is like a fast river that is ever flowing towards us; it brings to us, in its flowing stream, the challenges and obstacles that are perfectly age appropriate for us in the moment. I remember as a young mother

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Lynne Forrest

To My Son, Upon The Occasion Of Your Death …

To My Son, upon hearing the news of you lying in coma after a massive heart attack requiring reoccurring resuscitations, I fell to my mat in shock, and despair … and found there what I needed to move forward another day… My son, my son, I have to let you go! How else am I going to live through the eminence of your death? I

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There Are No Coincidences – Only Manifestations

photo credit: Stray Croc We are getting close to our book & workshop “tour” to the west coast, and we are excited! Among other things I will be offering a two day intensive at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, in Joshua Tree, California on March 25-27th. For me returning to the high desert is a dream come true. Let me tell you what I mean in

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Personal Transformation

Lynne “After” w/ same granddaughter, now age 6   Someone asked me recently how I saw myself regarding this work. They asked if I think of myself as an “expert,” or as an “authority on victim consciousness.” It was a good question, and I found myself thinking about how I DO see myself. Of course, the true answer is that how I think of myself

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Is My Message Anti-Christian? (part four)

Last post, I spoke of how I was led step by step back into a conscious relationship with my own Master, the Christ. It appears that Christ did not fully reveal himself to me until He knew I was ready to accept Him. He had to bring Daniel into my life first as part of the preparation of bringing me back to my spiritual roots.

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