Dangers of Low Self Esteem

photo credit: Symic Low Self Esteem is dangerous, to ourselves, and to others. Low self-esteem creates a state of depletion within us that comes from years of “looking down on” ourselves, running ourselves down, and ignoring our own wants and needs. Such self-denigration compels us to seek outside ourselves for “esteem,” looking to our jobs and “titles,” or trying to get our sense of worth

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What’s Our Responsibility And What’s Not?

 photo credit: woodleywonderworks In getting off the Victim Triangle we must shift our priorities by changing our perception about who we are and are not responsible for. Below is a list of shifts that occur in our primary relationships as we recover from rescuing: Taking responsibility for ourselves becomes our number one priority regardless of how selfish we used to think taking care of ourselves

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Victimhood Is A Mental Illness

photo credit: Mark Cummins The three roles of victimhood, (persecutor, rescuer, victim) can all take a serious toll on our lives. These roles take over our minds and prompt us to act in ways that generate much unhappiness. This morning, Leon commented on my blog about a friend, a rescuer, who cannot keep a job because he feels compelled to “save” his work mates from

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Recovery From Rescuing

photo credit: alisonkanegae Family Rescuers don’t like it when other family members are angry with them. When we relate to others from a primarily rescuer role, we hate for others to think we are mean or unfair because our sense of self worth and self importance comes from having others look to and depend on us. In other words, we need to be needed so

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