Politics on the Victim Triangle

Politics On The Victim Triangle There’s a relational diagram or tool called the Victim Triangle that clearly defines the three roles we play in Victim Consciousness: Persecutor, Rescuer and Victim. These three roles are all part of a victim mentality that perceives ourselves (or others) as being “at the mercy of” or “done in by” others. This painful way of perceiving life becomes a lens

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To Give Up Rescuing ….

As you may have noticed, the rescuing aspects of our national policies in taking care of the poor has been on my mind…. (see previous posts) I’ve been talking about the difference between offering true support to others – by sending a message that reinforces an individuals right to have as much independence as his/her physical &/or mental capacities allow – and our governments present

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Redistribution of Wealth- Is it Caring or Carrying Others?

by tantek It took me awhile to be able to see a difference between caring for and carrying others. There is a BIG difference. The motivation behind our giving as well as the resulting outcome helps us determine whether we are acting from a place of true service or actually dis-empowering them through our helping efforts When we are moved to do for others from

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Bailing Others Out Backfires Every Time

by wednesday181 Rather than being a solution, “sharing the wealth with less fortunates”, I fear, can become a thinly guised rescue maneuver, doomed to end up producing even more unfortunates” in need of being care taken. When done on a national level, big government takes the role of the controlling parent who dictates what’s best for its sons and daughters under the guise of helping.

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About “Sharing the Wealth”

by aka_lusi The very compassionate and caring mindset of “sharing the wealth with those less fortunate” is something I understand and with which I greatly empathize. I believe strongly in being in service and so those words sound good to me. Of course one should share! I’ve done a lot of thinking about this idea, especially now, since it’s one that’s getting a lot of

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