In Rua, Spain

Another day of walking is behind us. We will make Santiago tomorrow!  It´s hard to believe!  What a wonderful metaphor for the spiritual journey walking the camino is. I notice that it takes me longer and longer to arrive at our daily destination.  Not because I can’t go faster.  I’m just not in a hurry.  Wandering down paths and stopping to study the light on the path or smell a flower,

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In Arzua, on the Camino

We met a young man, Ben, on the camino, the only other person so far from the states that we’ve encountered.  He told us that he was getting ready to start med school in the fall.  I loved his report of the 6 weeks on the camino so far.  He said, Ät first I was bored – I do not speak Spanish so there was

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Lessons on the Camino

Today completes day four on the camino.  It is Saturday … ¨Sabado¨and we are in Melide, a small city with an industrial slant.  As we entered town, we passed through a section of manufacturering companies.  I found my seeing strangely and wonderfully altered as I abandoned an old addictive need to judge what I saw based on previous ideas about what I was taught to consider as ¨pretty¨ or  ¨ugly¨.  Such labels; ¨That is ugly, but that is nice …¨ – without

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Why Am I here?

Our first days walk on the camino took us to Portomarin, a small, rural village that was rebuilt on the hill above the River Minos in 1949 because the building of a dam had forced the original village site under water.  Only two buildings from the original village were saved … two small cathedrals … the rest of the, what was ancient village is gone.  Upon

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Heading to Spain for the Camino

Well, here I am in Spain, preparing to start our walk on the camino to Santiago de Compostela tomorrow. It has already been a beautiful adventure just getting to this point, so I am alive with anticipation for what is to come!  Let´s go back a minute and I’ll catch you up. About two weeks before I left, I began a battle with inner ego

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