Putting Daily Practice to the Test

We had a nine day summer dance camp in our home here on the mountain last week (which explains why I haven’t blogged in so long). There were 15 kids (ages 10 -19) and four grown ups who stayed with us in our sprawling rancher for the duration. My job was to prepare the meals and “manage the house” to support the dancers in their

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Lessons from the Camino Continue

I’m back home, after a long, tiresome flight from Spain. I rested all day yesterday, feeling as though I was moving through molasses. Today, I finally took myself to my yoga mat. As always, I found my energy level increasing as I breathed and stretched. I believe that one of the reasons travel is so wearying is the heavy energy that we pick up in

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In Avila, Spain

No matter that I understand synchronicity to be an integral part of the Way … it still continues to awe and delight me when I experience it.  Going to Avila proved to be a wonderful synchronistic happening for me.  Here´s the way it happened.   When we were planning our trip to Spain, Andrew and I decided that we wanted to visit some other city in Spain after completing the camino in Santiago.  His request was to find a castle where we

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Day Two in Santiago

Greetings from Santiago, Today has been a sort of lazy day for us here.  We are spending our time strolling the squares (there are three) surrounding the Santiago Cathedral, after touring the museo inside the ancient cathedral. This is a college town as well as pilgrimage spot and so there are musicians singing and playing and live performances going on in the streets.  We have been watching

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Santiago de Compostela

We arrived at the Cathedral Santiago de Compostela around 3 pm this afternoon.  As is the way so often in life, the end result was anticlimactic.  I am reminded that it is the journey that counts, never the completion of destination. We left the hotel in Rua early and  pushed to walk the last 20 kilometers (12 miles) to Santiago so that we would be able

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