Defining Victim Consciousness vs Observer Consciousness

Victim consciousness is not something we suddenly acquire – it is a habituated perception of the world that we grow up with and never think to question. Everyone we know is steeped in it and we take it on during childhood as a normal way of seeing the world. What that means is that everyone we know are all most likely reacting from one of

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The Law of Cause & Effect Denies Coincidence even in Cases of Abuse …

Since there are NO coincidences, we know that this thing that is happening in our qigong community is not an aberrant happening … it is a call to Awaken those parts of us that are still lost in blame… Personally I have no desire to talk anybody in to or out of anything. That is not the intention of this post. I trust that we

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Fighting Addiction … does it really work?

Resisting our addictions does not help us eliminate them. Let’s use the example of smoking. When we think of ourselves as addicted to smoking, who do we become? Remember when we believe it, we automatically feel and act is if it’s true … So it follows course then, that if we believe we’re an addict, we play the part, which reinforces the addiction. Then of

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Going Down Into Our Innermost Darkness … For Consciousness Sake

I went down into the darkness for two whole days recently. It was a VERY dark time emotionally … I felt angry  and hopelessly exhausted with no end in sight. I had spiraled into old familiar territory, into the “I’m never  going to realize the rewards of my hard efforts” story that has been with me a very long time. It had been years  since I

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The World As the Mirror of Our Own Mind

I had the most interesting encounter at a local store illustrating how the world around me reflects my own inner debates. I was returning an item and there was a line. The guy in front of me “stalled out” texting on his cellphone when our line moved ahead, and I, in my eagerness to move things along and thinking he hadn’t noticed mentioned it to

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