There Are No Coincidences – Only Manifestations

photo credit: Stray Croc We are getting close to our book & workshop “tour” to the west coast, and we are excited! Among other things I will be offering a two day intensive at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, in Joshua Tree, California on March 25-27th. For me returning to the high desert is a dream come true. Let me tell you what I mean in

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Using the Aikido of Consciousness to Side-Step Blame

photo credit: Eddi van W. The observer self is that neutral inner space that allows us to recognize that people tend to automatically react from their own unconscious patterns of belief, rather than because of us. This knowledge makes it possible for us to stop making their reactivity about us. This means we can stop taking the doings and sayings (and all the reactions) of

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Fighting Reality Generates more of What We’re Fighting Against!

photo credit: popculturegeek.com Let me start by saying that, personally, I do not tend to take on causes of any sort – simply because I’ve noticed that to take on a cause generally means I must identify one side as the victim, and the other side then must automatically become the “bad guy,” or persecutor. To me this misses the point. The point becomes who

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What’s the Difference between Reality & My Beliefs about Reality?

There is a difference between a belief system and an observation of reality. photo credit: h.koppdelaney When we speak of Reality, we refer to “life-in-the-happening,” and when we observe life happening (as our greatest teachers and Christ did) we notice the presence of basic, consistent, principles that are ever present in the process of life – certain laws of manifestation that define the nature of

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Am I responsible for my feelings and thoughts, or are they?

 photo credit: Lori Greig There are two distinct ways of perceiving our thoughts and feelings. We either believe that the world outside of us, particularly other people, determines our feelings OR we believe that it is our thoughts that determines our feelings. The perception we choose makes a huge difference in the quality of life we get to experience! When we believe others make us

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