What We Focus On Is Reflected Back Through Immediate Life Experience …

There seems to be quite a lot of mental confusion about what comes first: seeing or believing… Most of us tend to think that there must be visible evidence of something before we can believe in it as real, or possible. However, the opposite is true. We must first believe something is possible before we can see it in concrete form. The concrete manifestation of

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What IS the “Philosophers Stone?”

This morning I was given this nugget during my daily practice about the philosopher’ stone… and although I have wondered for years what it is exactly … in the moment it came I was not searching for it. It came, as is so often the way, as a “download.” Why is this such a big deal?” – you may ask.” Figuring out exactly what the

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Two Mental Essentials For Finding Right Relationship …

Often clients who are sin­gle ask me, “Why can’t I find right rela­tion­ship?” There is much to be said on the sub­ject, but after think­ing it over, I decided to share, what I believe are, two main men­tal essen­tials for find­ing right relationship… Before I do, let me say that I cer­tainly can relate to the search for right mate … hav­ing spent many years

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How The Illusion Of Time Separates Us From Now

In my morning quietness, I had a ‘waking dream’  – or would you call it vision? – that I thought some of you might appreciate. 🙂 At first I saw streams of light energy coming from my mind in scattered patterns,  they were beautiful but undirected; unfocused would be a good word to describe them … but then I noticed that by exerting focused intention

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Are You Making A Case ‘Against’ or ‘For’ You?

We do make a case, don’t we? We all do. Every one of us makes a strong case in our mind against some ‘thing’ we believe should be different. And we are sure we are right. We use the ‘facts’ we gather from others who share our stance, as well as the ‘evidence’ we have collected from our own life experience, to verify to ourselves

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