Peace, Our Choice

We live in such a beautiful world, a garden of endless possibility. If we believe life is a junkyard, we get to live there. We can be the “junkyard dog!” 😉 If we believe it’s all about pomp & ceremony, we experience that, or we might choose a worldview that lands us in a cosmopolitan world of glitter & crime, or any number of diverse

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Counting Our Blessings, Christmas, 2011

I decided to share a Christmas letter with you counting blessings for 2011. May it inspire you to count your own! 🙂 Greetings! I pray this letter finds you and yours enjoying a peaceful, if not joyful, season, and that you are looking forward to a bright new year! Since the holiday season is a time to remember back over the year and count our

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Why was I born into a dysfunctional family?

It is not by accident that we are born into our particular family. I believe that each of us is born into a family that uniquely matches our own vibrational frequency at the time of our birth – not because we are being punished, not to pay back some old karmic debt necessarily, but because that family holds the set of challenges we need to experience

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Defending Our Right To Feel Bad …

photo credit: gogoloopie I recently had a conversation with a loved one who was bemoaning her present life circumstances. She spoke about how hard life was for her family right now, and about how life had put SOOOOO much on her plate, that it felt unbearable at times, like it was all just too much. She then proceeded to list all the “hard stuff” that

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Yin Yang Energy

In 1928, an English physicist, Paul Dirac, theorized that every particle  has its own companion particle that has the same mass and spin, but with an opposite charge. These companion particles are known as “antiparticles.” Somewhere in the early thirties, another scientist, Carl Anderson, in his quest to answer the question, “Where do the antiparticles go?” discovered  a track of antiparticles in a cloud chamber,

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