Death and Birth, Inseparable

Watching my son move through his partners last days in a struggle with terminal illness, fills my heart with love and deep appreciation. Andrew is indeed an amazing man! Although he is stretched thin with his care-giving and financial responsibilities, he handles it all with grace and courage, and without complaint. He exude s a beautiful maturity in his ability to accept and handle the

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An Ongoing Relationship With Mom

The day after I returned home from Mom’s funeral, we made contact. It happened like this: I was in my morning practice, when suddenly I saw her clearly in my mind’s eye. She was strong & healthy, her eyes were clear and piercing. There were no signs of debilitation whatsoever. We carried on a mental dialog. She told me she was ready to continue her

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Letting Go Even When We Think We Can’t

d photo credit: kevindooley The much dreaded time has come. My mothers death is eminent and we must give her up. We’ve all gathered, her family and loved ones, each of us with our own idea about how we think it should go; all of us sharing an earnest desire to love and support her through her final days. My brother and I spoke about

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Lessons From A Child About Accepting Reality

photo credit: ThrasherDave My 14 month old grandson has been clingy towards his mama lately, constantly wanting in her lap and crying to be held. The other day, he sat at her feet crying while she was trying to work and I asked if I might help by taking him off of her hands for a few minutes. She seemed only too glad to accept.

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Those We Resist Teach Us The Most

photo credit: Anders V It’s the people we resist most that are our real teachers. They teach us all about our relationship w/ ourselves. I’ve noticed that the things we most resist about others, the things we judge and resent them for, are most often the very same things we’ve judged as unacceptable about ourselves and denied. For instance, let’s say I’m thinking, “She/he is

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