How Are Bullies Made, Really?

I have been learning so much about the origins of bully energy from writing my workbook for Teachers and Parents on Bully-Free Consciousness this past summer. I have taken my work with adults to the kids in our life  and allowed them to show me what kids do with these concepts! I find that kids catch on very quickly about the three archetypes, or roles,

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Animal Lessons
Lynne Forrest

My Therapeutic Dog Partner, Syrus

I want to tell you about my new therapeutic partner, Syrus. Syrus is the German Shepherd who came to us last October (2010). He was found, hungry and lost, by a dear friend on the golf course that adjoins her home in Chattanooga. No trace of his previous owner was found, even though my friend did everything she could think of to locate them, and

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Lessons from my Dog, Syrus

photo credit: Raúl A. We have a relatively new addition to our pet family. His name is Syrus and he is a full-blooded German Shepherd who is young, high-spirited, and totally full-of-himself. Fortunately he is also smart, eager-to-please, and responsive or else there would be no containing him at all on our morning walks! Our habit is to take our dogs on a morning walk

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The Story of A Face; Part Two

photo credit: Olgierd Pstrykotwórca I shared with you a couple of weeks ago about an experience I had while studying a photo of myself and noticing the stark contrast between the right and left side of my face. (The Story of A Face; Part One) A few days after I blogged about my photo experience, my husband, Daniel shared some helpful information with me that

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Change the Story and the Outcome Changes

photo credit: paper or plastic? I am reminded of a true account I read once, written by a missionary who was living in a foreign country with his family, and who told the story about helplessly watching from a window while his three year old child fearlessly, innocently approached a wild boar who had found its way into their yard/compound. The little girl walked up

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