Manipulating others to fit our idea of perfection

photo credit: Perfecto Insecto But what literally brought me to my knees that evening in the garden that I have been speaking to you about in the last several posts was the realization of how it is I treat others when I am engaged in the self-destructive cycle of trying to make me different, i.e. “right for God!” I saw how I speak and treat

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Helping Our Children Accept Reality

photo credit: Leonid Mamchenkov We seem to have an ingrained attitude of resistance to reality. As parents, this resistance to reality shows up dramatically when we find ourselves automatically resorting to attempts to shape our children’s reality according to their preference. We really seem to think that our job as good parents is to make our children’s lives happy by adjusting their world to suit

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Boundaries are set from the inside out …

 photo credit: FrankBonilla.tv I was asked to define the difference between setting boundaries and delivering ultimatums and decided to share my thoughts on the topic with you all. But before we explore boundaries versus ultimatums it’s important to mention that we don’t just happen into the relationships we find  ourselves in – when we recognize we have someone in our life who has inappropriate (or

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To Turn The Other Cheek

photo credit: Sebastian Fritzon I’ve been thinking about the recommendation of Jesus to “turn the other cheek,” (Matt. 5:39) and what that really means. These are Biblical words that I’ve heard quoted many times, but until more recent times, I myself rarely practiced them, because they made no sense to me. What? Smile while someone walks all over me? Offer up my other cheek for

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Feeling Distant? Guess Who Moved?

photo credit: metoc I saw a message once on a church billboard that said, “If you feel distant from God, guess who moved?” This is a relevant question – not only in our relationship with Source, but also in our relationship with others. We separate ourselves from ourselves, others and Source when we blindly believe the painful stories we think Here’s an example: During the

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