Dealing With Criticism

It is helpful to remind ourselves about the basic guiding principles of Reality when we are dealing with the criticism of others. When we get reactive to criticism, we turn critical, just like them, and that only makes things worse. One of the basic guiding principles tells us that those around us are mere reflections of our own mind, and in particular, they reflect our relationship

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Bullying the Bully In The Classroom Does Not Work – So What Does?

Our team has been researching to see what “remedies” are being offered for “bullies in the classroom,” and what we are finding is, “not much.” There are some good guidelines to try and safeguard it from happening, placing the brunt of responsibility on already over-burdened teachers with numbers beyond their capacity in the classroom to keep the bullies at bay … but what about when

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Family Miracle: Teaching Children How To Embrace Reality

I got to witness a miracle of the very best kind this past weekend! The very best kind of miracle, to my way of thinking anyway, is one that brings about healing transformation for whole family’s at a time, and that’s just what I had the opportunity to witness during our recent “Victim-Free Parenting”. I love the way Source works through us. Weeks before the

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Why was I born into a dysfunctional family?

It is not by accident that we are born into our particular family. I believe that each of us is born into a family that uniquely matches our own vibrational frequency at the time of our birth – not because we are being punished, not to pay back some old karmic debt necessarily, but because that family holds the set of challenges we need to experience

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Defending Our Right To Feel Bad …

photo credit: gogoloopie I recently had a conversation with a loved one who was bemoaning her present life circumstances. She spoke about how hard life was for her family right now, and about how life had put SOOOOO much on her plate, that it felt unbearable at times, like it was all just too much. She then proceeded to list all the “hard stuff” that

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