The Reality Formula™ Goes South to St Petersburg, Florida in Early 2017

I recently experienced an “inner instruction” that, in truth, is the reason this email is being written!  It’s an encounter with the numinous that has given me the next step for my work with The Reality Formula™. Here’s the story: During my visit over the Thanksgiving holidays with my son, Andrew Guilfoil, who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, I was doing my usual morning practice, It

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The Reality Formula™ at Forest Haven

  Imagine living with our family for a weekend …   Can you see yourself sitting with us over garden-fresh meals, or sharing a walk in the garden with me?  Can you see yourself sitting in the midst of a small, intimate group of like-minded friends, together absorbing the Guiding Principles of Reality© as  you witness them being practiced in action?  What value would you place on such an

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Reality Movement & Alignment Technique™RMAT 1, 2, 3: Releasing Painful Patterns in the Body

Are you ready to free your body AND your mind?  Come join my son, Andrew and me at DuBose (in Monteagle, Tennessee) for an unforgettable weekend of transformation! We eagerly await your arrival for this upcoming, life-changing venue that will take you places in your own psyche and body you never dreamed possible! If you are serious about life change, this work is for YOU! We

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What is Qigong? A Life Changing Event in Chattanooga!

My qigong teacher, Jeff Primack, is bringing his mind-blowing four day Qi Revolution to our town, Chattanooga, Tennessee, from June 4th -7th, 2011! This is the energy-healing movement that has been a huge part of my own transformation and that I write about in my book, Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness, in which I describe the process I use for bringing ourselves out of

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What exactly IS a ‘Victim Pattern” and What Makes You Think I Have One?

Most often when we think of the term, “victim,” we think of an innocent someone who has been tragically “struck down” by an abuser, or by life circumstances. Most of us don’t consider ourselves to be victims of any sort! However there is another meaning for the term “victim,” that perhaps the term, “victim consciousness” describes better. We are in victim consciousness anytime we attribute

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