Even Betrayal Serves …

We tend to beieve that if we are living “right” we will achieve “success” (as if such a thing exists … ). But this is not what Jesus the Christ modelled through his life example. His life is one that thousands of years later is still extolled as the example of an Exalted Life. The story of Jesus is indeed a beautiful demonstration of Universal

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Transforming Struggle to Opportunities For Awakening

(*When I sat down to blog this morning, I had something totally different in mind to write, but this post on realizing our life challenges as opportunity for Awakening is what came through and insisted on being written  … I do not know how much YOU get from what is written through this hand, but I sit at the feet of the Source of my

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What IS the “Philosophers Stone?”

This morning I was given this nugget during my daily practice about the philosopher’ stone… and although I have wondered for years what it is exactly … in the moment it came I was not searching for it. It came, as is so often the way, as a “download.” Why is this such a big deal?” – you may ask.” Figuring out exactly what the

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Lessons from the Bible: Being Called To Serve

Because I was steeped in Esoteric principles before I discovered and began to study the Bible, I immediately, from the very beginning, saw it as an alchemical text, i.e. as an ‘Emerald Tablet’ of sorts, multi-dimensional, alive, and capable of transforming consciousness through the ‘eating of its word.’ I have been an avid reader of the Bible since. Mine was not a childhood spent in

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If you were a thought of God’s … what kind of thought would you be?

During my morning centering & alone time, I found myself traveling down an unfamiliar thought path – contemplating thoughts that I do not remember thinking before. It started as I was pondering on the ancient teaching that all the Universe, the whole Cosmos, and everything in it, is happening right Now in the One Mind of the Creator Source. I was meditating on what the

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