In Our Mad Attempts to Stop the Pain

We all have our ways of “not going there” – of trying to avoid feeling the inner pain brought on by our losses and difficult transitions. And – please don’t get me wrong! I understand! Believe me! I have had my own ways of medicating and numbing to the pain in my efforts to keep from falling into the vat of inner darkness left over

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The Miracles of Life Held In the Balance: Andrew’s Journey Home …

Perhaps you have heard? My son, Andrew had a major heart attack Friday night, March 3rd, 2017. He would not be here today if Brett had not been by his side at the time it happened and so was able, by taking immediate action, to keep his heart beating until more help could arrive.  The Medics resuscitated him by defibrillator, but it took five attempts

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Defining Victim Consciousness vs Observer Consciousness

Victim consciousness is not something we suddenly acquire – it is a habituated perception of the world that we grow up with and never think to question. Everyone we know is steeped in it and we take it on during childhood as a normal way of seeing the world. What that means is that everyone we know are all most likely reacting from one of

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When Our Teachers Fail Us …

A community I am a part of appears to be suffering presently from the realization that their main leader and much loved teacher is abusive. They are facing that dilemma that many of us have had to face of realizing that the person(s), organization, or institute, they look to for guidance and as a role model for them to follow, is deeply flawed and not

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