Tips for Steadying Your Emotional Vibrational Frequency

Dear Friends and Readers,

The following post is one that is part of my Weekly Message Series on Victim Consciousness that people have been signing up for and receiving for the last 10 years. It is rare that I share any of these messages outside of the Weekly Series, but this one seemed so relevant and important to our times, that I decided to make an exception and share it with you here. May it be helpful for you in finding peace amidst the turbulent times. Blessings,

I hope you are getting better and better at holding your emotional vibration in a steady state of peace and acceptance using the tools you are learning.

Maintaining Observer Consciousness does take a strong desire for harmony along with a commitment to practice it.

As I've written many times before, Observer Consciousness is the antidote for Victim Consciousness.

It is a state of consciousness that assumes one hundred percent self-responsibility for the condition of our mental/emotional state.

Observer consciousness is a state of being that refuses to give anyone, and certainly not those who have acted abusively toward us, the power to determine our emotional well-being or to decide the quality of our life.

Observer consciousness is activated and strengthened in various ways.

I've mentioned many of these ways in times past – but for clarity's sake, let's go through a list of the various ways to access Observer Consciousness here now.

We activate Observer Consciousness in the following ways:

By listening carefully to our language when we speak about others, or interact with them, and noticing when we use victim vocabulary.

By noticing when we act defensively or react negatively.

By applying universal guiding principles to any and all situations.

By asking ourselves direct questions about what we think, especially when our thoughts create negative feelings.

Click on the link for an example of questioning a negative thought using Byron Katie's “Four Questions and Turn Arounds”

By asking such questions as:

    • Who am I giving responsibility for my state of well-being in this moment?
    • Who am I blaming?
    • When I believe these negative thoughts, how do I act?
    • Toward myself? Toward others?
    • What other ways of seeing this situation are possible?
    • When I insist on seeing it in a way that creates unhappiness, who am I hurting?
    • What way of seeing provides me the highest frequency viewpoint of myself and the other?
    • What examples do I have that verify it as true?

By identifying where we are on the victim triangle when we are unhappy with someone. Remember, all dysfunctional interaction takes place on the victim triangle and taking responsibility for that part.

By taking time daily to ground and align with Source so to set our day for the best possible results.

By refusing to settle for a perception that blames something outside ourselves for our unhappiness, insisting instead on seeking until we find the gift being offered us, and seeing every situation as simply another opportunity to expand our consciousness.

Next week, I will begin to give examples of some of these and share the gifts that come from their practice.



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