Coronavirus: When FEAR Rules …

“What we focus on expands…” This is a universal law that is easily observable… When we focus on the positive we experience growing positive results, and the opposite is also true:when we focus on the negative, negative results expand.

We can apply this universal principle in all things, including in relation to fear, a state of being that is rampant right now in the world, and especially in relation to the coronavirus.

Even to say the word, ”coronavirus” can generate an increased fear response along with all of the aftereffects that go with it.

(Learn more about the effects of fear on our health:

https://www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu/impact-fear-and-anxiety )

Metaphysical laws, such as the law of expansion mentioned above are outlined in the Guiding Principles of Reality, (https://wp.me/p20bss-29G) which are most helpful in knowing how best to deal with the fear that arises as we deal with the Coronovirus for the fear of the virus creates its own set of concerns.

It could be that to dissipate the fear might be a real step in controlling the virus.

However this does not mean that we are to deny the existence of the virus. Not at all.  Nor can we easily discard all thought of the virus. Besides, whether we visualize worse-case scenarios in our mind, or refuse to acknowledge it at all, we are still focused upon it, which means we are indulging the fear and thereby feeding it. For denial is just another form of resistance and what we resist persists, It is universal law.

However there is a state of consciousness we can and DO want to cultivate that is, in my opinion, most helpful and even preventative. And that is to redirect our thoughts and our focus towards cultivating an attitude of wellness instead.

Instead of indulging or denying our fears,  we learn to allow the latest news of the virus to motivate us to take better care of ourselves – not from a place of fear, but from an increased desire to galvanize positive action towards greater health.

We consciously cultivate a habit of thinking more positive, affirming thoughts, and conscientiously shift our attention away from dwelling on negative, fear-based thoughts.

We look for ways to strengthen our emotional immunity and enhance our relationship with beliefs and ideas that encourage us towards inner peace.

We let our desire for radiant health motivate us to start our days with an attitude of appreciation rather than with fear, knowing that doing so is a prerequisite for good health.

We align with Reality and decide to trust our path to be exactly what it needs to be, rather than trying to control the outcomes of life.

We start by affirming our present state of health, and giving thanks for our well-being. We celebrate how blessed we are to be feeling any semblance of “good” at all.

Along with these things, we indulge in activities that enhance our wellness. In other words, we cultivate ways to feel better, like reaching for the next best feeling thought, for instance.

We look for ways to enjoy life in a myriad of little ways, like savoring a good cup of tea, reading a favorite book, or chatting about joyful things with a friend.

We consistently practice cultivating the habits and rituals that help us feel better, like drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and partaking of the foods and supplements that WE believe work for us.

It is worth mentioning perhaps that it is not as much about finding the right supplements (diet, self-care habits and rituals),  as it is that we BELIEVE in the things we are doing as being health. We’ve all heard of the “placebo effect” (Dr Joe Dispensa wrote a book on the power of believing ourselves well,  “You Are The Placebo). It appears that believing that what we are doing works for us has amazing power to make it so.

The point I am making here is that arguably the most important protection and prevention from illness is our attitude about it.

Remember, the Reality Formula says: “when we believe a thing, we feel and act in ways that prove it to be true. So, by all means, cultivate BELIEF in your immunity, and you are more likely to prove it so. We can strengthen our emotional immunity by encouraging the beliefs and ideas that leave us feeling stronger and healthier.

Rather than resist the reality of what is, we learn to align with reality instead. Part of that is to make the decision to trust our path to be exactly what it needs to be, rather than trying to control outcomes of what is.

Another good way to build a positive attitude of health is to start every day with some form of meditation. According to latest research, meditation (of all kinds) allows us to not only quieten our chaotic thoughts, but to strengthen the health of both body and mind.

Dr Lissa Rankin, M.D., in her book titled, “”You Can Heal Yourself,” says the following about the benefits of meditation: “All forms of meditation, to some degree, activates the parasympathetic nervous system, decreases stress related cortisol, reduces respiration and heart rate, reduces the metabolic rate, increases blood flow in the brain, increases activity in the left prefrontal cortex (observed in happier people), strengthens the immune system, and leads to a state of relaxation.”

Rather than to try and resist fear, merely cultivate its opposite through regular meditation.

To sum up what I am saying here; I believe that fear sets us up to be vulnerable to such things as viral epidemics. To be afraid of our fear, however, is another way of feeding it.

Instead of resisting fear, appreciate instead whatever degree of health you currently have. (Remember to focus on what you want to feel more of!)

Celebrate your current state of well-being and proclaim it as your truth, and so it shall be.

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