Transforming Consciousness

Did you know that you can feel better about your life right now whether anything changes or not? Your sense of well-being is dependent on what you believe about what's happening to you; it's the way you perceive it that determines how you feel about it, not what's happening.

You hold the key to your own happiness.

The Reality Formula® teaches us to change the way we experience the world from the inside out. Rather than trying to control external events, we shift our focus to align with life, as it is, and to discover purpose, intention, and meaning instead of seeing a problem.

What is the Reality Formula®?

According to a key principle of the Reality Formula, every mind creates a unique experience of reality:

“When we believe what we think, we feel and react as if what we believe is true, which causes us to act in ways that attract from others that which proves us right.”

The Reality Formula®️ is true whether what we believe is positive or negative. When we believe unhappy thoughts (negative core beliefs), we take on the mantle of victim consciousness. Lynne defines three roles, or defense strategies, at play in victim consciousness. The Victim Triangle, originally outlined by Dr. Stephen Karpman, Ph.D. as the Drama Triangle, introduces these three roles.

To learn about the roles we play in victim consciousness, read the following article, The Three Faces of Victim.

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If you are ready to move beyond victim consciousness and live your best life, then the community of Reality Formula Live is here to support you.

In taking charge of your awakening and becoming a member of Reality Formula Live you will have the opportunity to be a part of a community working directly with Lynne and her daughter, Jaquetta to transcend victim consciousness.

In Reality Formula Live we apply universal laws of human consciousness (called The Guiding Principles of Reality©) that allow us to transform the way we see the world.

Reality Formula Live teaches you how to:

  • Make peace with reality
  • Transform negative feelings
  • Enhance your communication with others
  • Give up the need to control outcomes
  • Exchange limiting beliefs for happier ones
  • Forgive yourself and others


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