Universal Laws and The Gifts They Offer

The Universal Laws of Reality

by Lynne Forrest

  1. The Law of Cause and Effect: There is no coincidence, no mistake. Everything that happens has a cause and a set of consequences – both positive and negative (something gained, something lost). The original cause is mental, and it is always FOR us somehow. (Gift: release resistance
  2. The Law of Vibration: Thoughts produce an emotional vibration (feelings come from thoughts and beliefs) which is transmitted out, attracting people and situations of a similar vibrational frequency. (Gift: Power of emotion)
  3. The Law of Polarity: All manifestation contains an equal and opposite set of polarities. The two when seen as separate create the illusion of duality, going back and forth between the two opposites produces movement and growth.  (Gift: discernment between illusion (Impermanence) and truth (Eternal)
  4. The Law of Cycles: Energy travels in circles and spirals that move up or down and go through repetitive patterns. Just like nature cycles through recognizable seasons, humans too have a particular life theme they cycle through. Doing so is how we expand, awaken, and clear that which stands in the way of remembering our true nature. (Gift: self-acceptance through clarity)
  5. The Law of Reflection: The world is a mirror that reflects the present state of our relationship with ourselves and those around us. What we see in others and judge negatively, will be a mirror showing us where we are holding that same judgment against ourselves. (Gift: self-reflection and clearing)
  6. The Law of Transmutation: Everything changes. Forms evolve and dissolve. Energy never dies, it only changes form. Therefore, impermanence is the rule and not the exception. “This too shall pass.” (Gift: surrender and let go)
  7. The Law of Verification: When we believe what we think, we automatically feel and act as if it’s true, and then we react in ways that prove us right. In this way, we create our own reality. (Gift: teaching manifestation)
  8. The Law of Projection: We project our beliefs onto others and then treat them as if our projections about them are true which ends up bringing us exactly what we expect from them, whether it’s what we want or not. (Gift: refining our desires; “What do I truly want?”)
  9. The Law of Intention: Whatever we focus on expands. When we direct our attention (through intention) upon something, good or bad, we feed that which we focus upon to become bigger. (Gift: power of intention – amplifies, and conscious denial – dissipates)
  10. The Law of Alignment: We attune ourselves to the highest vibrational frequency possible for us in the moment, and consciously seek utmost integrity with our truest expression of Self, thus allowing the Flow of Creator Energy to inform, prompt, and flow through us on the path to fully realizing what we came to Planet Earth to experience. We move beyond reaction and resistance into an “Observer Consciousness” that witnesses and intentionally co-creates the life we choose to live. (Gift: inner peace and outer harmony)


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