Liberating Ourselves From The Painful Beliefs We Physically Carry


It's literally true!


We tell ourselves that we have our true thoughts under wraps where no one can see, but the truth is we are energetically transmitting what we think and believe to others through body language, and by the way we react.

When we liberate our minds, our bodies change, become more resilient, healthier, and vibrant with life and vitality. We share a process designed to help students discover their own patterns and the beliefs behind them. We must first see our stuck pattern, that holds us in our unhealthy roles and patterns before we can begin the process of clearing and “unwinding” them. We CAN deactivate old negative thoughts, and the body is a wonderful tool in helping us do it!

You will come to understand just how important having a daily practice is; it allows us the alignment necessary for us to tap into the Intuitive and know when to surrender as well as when we must stand steady and strong. Through true alignment we experience moments of Grace, and an inner state of realization that allows us to hear the inner promptings from the Universal Source and follow them.Through right alignment we achieve an inner balance that is quickly reflected back to us through the circumstances and people we encounter.

Over the years, my awareness of how connected our physical alignment is to achieving an inner state of widh, for which many of us long.

Combining physical processes that help release old patterns and realign the body, my son, Andrew Guilfoil and I have created a two day experiential weekend for those who are seriously ready to transform their consciousness,  and find inner peace using the body as the vehicle.

The Beliefs in the Body Workshop is packed with information and experiential learning, all designed to free you from painful core beliefs and open energetic pathways to bring more “Qi” (life giving energy) in.

Some of the modalities used during this two day intensive are Myofacial Unwinding (by John Barnes), ancient energy practices, such as qigong and yoga, psychodrama, and the Guiding Principles for the Body, taken from The Reality Formula's™ 10 Universal Laws.

A big part of the three part body training we offer is a process developed by my son, Andrew Guilfoil, that he calls,  CMT (Core Movement Technique) which teaches simple steps and exercises for bringing the body back into alignment and balance for a calmer, less reactive response to life.

What You Will Learn:

  • To recognize your own unconscious victim posture, and the role (story) you play out.

  • Simple techniques for aligning your posture that will positively affect your feelings and how you see the world

  • Principles of alignment that will connect you with the Living Energy Field for greater energy, healing, and liberation

  • To identify the physical patterns and habits you carry that restrict movement and cause you pain and discomfort

  • To apply Universal Law in the form of Guiding Principles Of the Body for mental, emotional, and physical freedom
  • To recognize when you are in victim consciousness and ways to physically move out of it
  • To identify the unhappy story you carry in your body
  • How to “unwind” your negative core beliefs through a body process for positive results
  • To discover the mind/body connection through alignment, energy, and breath.
  • A daily practice that will work to align you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spirituall

Come and Free your Mind and Body and Experience What It It to Move Joyfully!

  • Replace old Negative Patterns with Life Enhancing Beliefs
  • Make Peace with your Present Physical State of Belng
  • See your Body as a Messenger Showing the Way
  • Witness How the Body Reflects our Relationship with Ourselves
  • Create your own Daily Practice
  • Experience the body's wisdom and ability to heal the suffering mind.  

Why not give yourself the gift of a conscious body, one that knows how to connect with the Universal support available for you, a body that knows how to follow Universal nudges.

Come discover how to use your body (regardless of what shape you're in) as a partner in the Divine Dance with Source.

Lynne Forrest, Author of “… Life Beyond Victim Consciousness” and Originator of The Reality Formula™

Andrew Guilfoil, a Ballet Master co-facilitates.

*This work does NOT require you be physically fit! It is for those who are WILLING to explore the mind/body connection and learn to listen to the body as a powerful messenger.

This work is powerful and authentic. If you are ready to release old beliefs that are causing you pain – this is the work for you!

Check the Events Calendar for our NEXT Beliefs in the Body intensive if you are ready for deep work and radical transformation!

** Registration is limited to allow for more hands on opportunity for participants.

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