The Reality Formula In The Workplace© – Guiding Principles at Work

The Reality Formula®️

Guiding Principles For The Workplace©

1. Everything that happens offers an opportunity for refinement and progress. Make peace with Reality (the way things are right now).

2. We attract to us, through the way we react to life, the responses we encounter from others. Change your attitude to perceive more positive possibilities.

3. Taking an oppositional stance to another attracts more opposition from them. Look for commonalities & respect different perspectives.

4. We re-create our dysfunctional family set-up at work, and cycle through it repetitively, unconsciously proving old painful beliefs through these addictive patterns. Suspect your own painful beliefs as a primary reason for disharmony between you and others.

5. Our thoughts create our feelings, and our feelings prompt us to act the way we do. By choosing our thoughts carefully, we can determine how we feel. What we choose to think about Reality, rather than Reality itself, determines how we feel.

6. When we believe what we think, we automatically feel and act as if its true, and then we react in ways that prove us right. This is the Reality Formula – it applies to every situation.

7. What we focus on expands. Focus on what you want to see more of … Look for growing opportunities, rather than problems.

8. We automatically act in negative ways when we believe stressful thoughts. It’s our painful thoughts that cause us to think and act in mean or unkind ways. When we think others make us feel the way we do, we feel compelled to either change, or control them, so we can feel better. Question your thoughts and your feelings will change accordingly.

9. We project our beliefs and unhappy stories about life on to those around us, and then react as if what we project is true, which elicits a response from them that proves to our own satisfaction that what we projected is true. Look for self-condemnation in the judgment you cast upon others.

10. Taking responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, and actions and letting others be responsible for their thoughts, feelings, and actions allows us the freedom to live a happy and successful, life.

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