We All Have a Story We Think Defines Us … What is Yours?

Everyone has a story. We came here to Planet Earth to have one. It's what we're supposed to do because we were created to be story-tellers. Our story about who we are is often, a mind-made and unhappy story – even though we did arrive here with our true identity tucked safely inside awaiting the moment of recovery.

In the meantime, we take on the stories about us, told by elders and authority figures, of who they think we are – and , well … we believe them! And that's all it takes for us to assume that the role assigned us by a parent, a teacher, an older sibling, or grandparent is true. Why sometimes the very family system itself, without any particular person saying so, assigns us an artificial definition of who we are, that we, often blindly, take on as true!

And none of  this is “bad” or “wrong.” After all we are here to try on various versions of ourself and then observe the results. Much like a scientist in his laboratory, our mind is constantly testing our hypotheses about who we are in this laboratory of life to determine what fits and what doesn't. And it works amazingly, especially when we can consciously engage in the experiment …  but it becomes VERY painful indeed when we mistake the story we're playing for who we are, in fact.

Like any skilled performer, we take on a character and become it. We dress like that person, we act like them, we speak and respond to life as if we were them, and it seems bound to happen sooner or later, that we get completely enmeshed in the role, forgetting who we really are altogether! And if the truth be told. most of us don't even know we have a choice!  We simply take on a role assigned to us through messages we internalized as a child and feel and act that part into becoming our own personal version of Reality.

So who are we REALLY?

In Reality, there is a TRUE story about who we are. We call this self the Higher Self, or the Bigger Story. When we are in our true nature, we remember that we are NOT the unhappy story we've made up based on others judgments and opinions. When we are operating out of our True Selves, we KNOW we have a choice about what character and story we want to play out. We know we are free to choose what story we want to invest belief in, and we choose consciously, instead of unconsciously creating the painful version we've used before to define us.

We tell our children that they are created by Goodness … with a specific purpose in mind. Like the master pot-thrower, who throws every pot for a reason – each to perform a particular task, like making a cup for tea, a vase for flowers, or a bowl for rice, we too are individually and uniquely tailored for a specific task. And it's always FOR us. This Goodness that creates us not only loves us, as its creation, but guides, provides for and protects us.  Remembering this simple profound truth helps us distinguish who we think we are from who we are in Reality.

And we are also given freedom to CHOOSE what sort of character we want to experience in life. Done with consciousness, this is always a teaching opportunity that brings great wisdom and insight … and because we are consciously participating in it, we can remain fluid – returning to the memory of who we are anytime we get too caught up in the illusion of a story that is just that … a story.







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