The Body Reflects Our Beliefs

The mind rules the body. Through my work, I have come to see just how true those words are. What we believe determines not only our health, but the physical stance and posture we assume, and that physicality becomes the way we communicate to others about who we are and what we believe. Our body is a transmitter of the energy we create through the thoughts we believe.

Each of us has adopted a bevy of thoughts with a central, most often limiting, belief that rules; these are our core beliefs. Core beliefs generally originate in childhood. Often they come from a thought lineage that has been passed down to us from previous generations and that consists of both positive and negative beliefs. However, when I use the term, core belief, I am referring to the limiting or negative core beliefs since they are the ones that cause us trouble.

Core Beliefs act like a magnet by attracting into their orbit other complementary thoughts/beliefs, and creating a belief energy field that becomes our identity. This limited identity often establishes what we call victim consciousness. In other words, we adopt core beliefs that define and shape an often painfully limiting victim consciousness, an energetic pattern of consciousness, or identity, that we then become totally addicted to – even though it may be a sorely dysfunctional and painful one.

We ‘wear' these patterns in our body. They are carried energetically in the body and are visible through our physical habits and posture; these patterns form what we call our victim posture or stance that, though we may attempt to compensate for it, or hide it, it nonetheless transmits a ‘victim vibe’ that attracts to us people and situations that vibrate at the same low frequency. In other words, through our victim posture we invariably attract to us the people and situations that verify for us what ever victim belief we have adopted and are carrying physically.

Our body reflects our beliefs, and because this is so, we can use the body as a doorway to identify our negative, limiting core beliefs, and to clear them. How? By identifying the places in the body where the victim pattern has us out of physical right alignment and using those places of contraction and chronic discomfort to identify the belief that we are carrying there. Through observer consciousness (the antidote for victim consciousness) we investigate the painful beliefs we are carrying in our body and begin to bring ourselves back into a healthier alignment. Years of chronic pain disappears as we begin to release the troubling thought patterns that have been holding our bodies in contorted, painful misalignment and return to an alignment that restores health on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

Through years of researching these ideas in my experiential work with clients (and on myself) I have verified them and continue to discover better ways of moving us out of our victim patterns and into alignment with our Universal Source which, when we are in alignment with it, heals and restores our health and sanity.

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Blessings, Lynne

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  1. I’ve no doubt in the value of what you are doing. Your teaching is right on target and this work you have agreed to do is a blessing to all who are able to take part. Wish I lived a bit closer because I would most definitely show up to your events in person. Mean while I appreciate your wonderful posts on facebook. Lately when I’m drifting off into unconsciousness and believing that what I’m seeing and hearing is real, I have only to see your post and it all comes back to me. Wake up, wake up and get out of “Victimville” ! Thank you for your work Lynne and many blessings to you ! ! !

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