Life As It’s Designed To Be …

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I posted this on my Facebook page this morning, and thought it “blog-worthy.” 🙂

‘The choices we make are an accurate reflection of our own emotional frequency. There can be no mistake. Our life & the people in it, show us exactly what we believe about ourselves & the world around us.

This is life as it is designed to be. There's nobody to blame, because it's not a problem. Even when our emotional frequency is such that we attract painful circumstances, they are instructive for us & therefore they work.

As apt students, we stop blaming, and use our life happenings as “grist for the mill of consciousness” to transform our fear caused by limiting beliefs & move to a higher frequency of peace & “enough-ness.” ‘

When we are sincere about clearing our own mental chaos, our outer world reflects our inner progress. The more we see the shifts and positive reflections that result from that clearing, the more sincere we become in “doing the work,” that clears the “inner lens”;  the more we clear, the more clarity we see in the world.

Therefore turn the light of consciousness inward, and question any concept you find there that takes you away from peace. Refuse to dwell in fear, and the world becomes a less fearful place to dwell. This is the real route to world peace. It is how it is we create “heaven on earth.”

Blessings,  Lynne


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