Introducing The Radically Simple, Powerfully Effective, Happy Kid Toolkit™

The Happy Kid Toolkit© is a set of educational tools designed for use in homes, schools, or anywhere kids come together for educational or healing purposes.

Based on basic principles of life and Reality, the Happy Kid Toolkit© shows kids how to make healthier, happier, and more successful choices. Its educational tools teach self-responsibility, self-initiative, and better communication, for kids (and Adults too!)

The Happy Kid Toolkit© has been tested and found to be simple and powerfully effective. Our team has been developing and using these tools with families for the past several years during our Victim-Free Parenting Intensives. Over and again, we get to watch children step-up from a position of  “learned helplessness” into a position of “self-initiative” instead, and do it with a smile on their face! TRULY!  Children learn through these tools, not only how to cooperate, but to feel PROUD of their new ability to make happier, healthier choices. IT IS AMAZING, HOW SIMPLY IT WORKS!

Danielle Alvarez-Greer and Lynne Forrest, author of Life Beyond Victim Consciousness, and founder of The Reality Formula™, collaborated to develop this set of highly effective communication tools in response to the pleas for help around them from parents and teachers who reported feelings powerless over children who are out of control, and who feel bullied, despondent, angry, and depressed.

As our Frontline Coach and teacher of The Reality Formula™ For Kids, Danielle has successfully used the Happy Kid Toolkit© in her work with children in all sorts of environments. She has her private practice where she uses the Happy Kid Tools to help her clients see how they, and their family members, move around the Unhappy Kid Triangle and to learn the Seven Steps To Getting Off of the Unhappy Kid Triangle and move to Happy Kid Triangle, instead.

Danielle has also worked with a special needs school using the Guiding Principles for Reality – another tool found in The Happy Kid Toolkit©, and has found that children with various forms of autism, ADHD, Downs Syndrome, Defiant Disorder, etc. also respond well to these tools. That they, in fact, seem to comprehend the simplicity of the model and are eager to apply it. Why? Because they feel better when they do!

One of the more inspiring examples of seeing these tools at work, was when Danielle took them into an orphanage on the Mexican border to work with abused and abandoned children, and their dedicated care-takers. The stories of hope and transformation that Danielle shares about the power of the Happy Kid Tools in helping these children find the beginnings of self-worth, as well as inspiring stories of their care-givers as they begin to learn how to model self-care, rather than martyrdom.

Children as young as four years old can understand the simplicity of what it is to be an unhappy kid and how to choose differently.  Again and again, we notice that children understand the basics of the Happy Kid Toolkit© within 20 minutes of being introduced to it, and then, spontaneously begin to immediately apply it!

What's more, once learned, the tools stick! The kids quickly begin to use the language to describe their interaction with each other, to communicate about where each other is on the Unhappy Kid Triangle, and to learn to ask themselves how to move to a happier place, instead.

What makes the Happy Kid Toolkit especially unique, and totally different from anything else out there is the no blame approach.

There is no attempt to shame children into doing better. The focus is on learning from our painful encounters with one another so as to encourage and invite the child to move towards a happier place, rather than finding and punishing the “bad” kid.

The Happy Kid tools teach that there are no bad kids – only unhappy ones. Unhappy kids are kids who believe the unhappy thoughts they think. These tools teach kids to recognize and question their unhappy thoughts – about themselves and others –  and then teaches them a process for finding a happier way of seeing the situation that is more in keeping with Reality. Being a Happy Kid, children learn, comes with learning how to make friends with Reality. Children begin to move towards acceptance naturally when they are given the choice, “You can either accept the way it is and be happy, or resist the way it is and be unhappy, it is up to you,”

The Happy Kid Toolkit™ contains a set of educational visual, kinesthetic tools for interaction that allow participants to see more clearly what happened, and their part in it, which then allows them to move more quickly into finding a happier resolution.

The Happy Kid Toolkit© works for conflict resolution and in dealing with behavioral problems, helping kids see and own their own behavior WITHOUT resorting to blame!

Can you imagine kids that know how to make peace with themselves and the world around them without having to blame someone else or themselves?

WE CAN! We see it all the time, and we know that you will find in the Happy Toolkit For Kids just the tools needed to help you help your kids find their way to peace and gratitude in Reality.

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  1. Hi from Slovenia, Europe. My therapist found your page and more I read your blog and everything, more excited i am. I have passed TA training (201) 10 years ago, so I’m familiar with vocabulary. I find all this things amazing! Especialy The Happy Kid Project! I hope some day you will bring it all over the world, because world needs this knowledge! Thank you for sharing it with us and I hardly wait to know more about this project (and use it on my kids and myself)!

    Love, Janja

    1. Thanks Janja! We appreciate your support. Please spread the word to anyone you think would benefit, teachers, parents, etc. We so loved your comment that we added it to the “comments” on our Indiegogo campaign – http://www.happykidproject.com/gogo

      PS.Who knows, perhaps you will come train with us in this model! Wouldn’t that be exciting?! 🙂

  2. Hello Lynne,

    I am so excited for you and my children. This is exactly what I have been waiting for. I can’t wait to get it in our home.



    1. Thank you, Sandra. We have felt your support … Please share this blog post with anyone you think will want to know, so we can rally the support we need to put this model out there! 🙂 Blessings,

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