We Are Vibrational Beings

We are vibra­tional beings liv­ing in a world based on vibra­tion. The Uni­verse absolutely gives us what we “ask” for … not nec­es­sar­ily the things we request ver­bally, nonethe­less we unfail­ingly get what­ever it is that our vibra­tional fre­quency “requests”. The Uni­verse picks up on our vibra­tional fre­quency and attracts to us that which reflects that same vibra­tion. Every one’s life expe­ri­ence is deter­mined by their vibra­tional fre­quency. Our emo­tional body is designed to “trans­mit” these vibra­tions out, where they are picked up and reflected back to us in con­crete reality.

This means that when we have unre­solved issues revolv­ing around child­hood sex­ual abuse, for instance, our emo­tional bod­ies will emit a vibra­tion that will actu­ally attract more of the same sort of abuse. The sex­ual abuse is part of our vibra­tion. The Uni­verse picks up on these fre­quen­cies and man­i­fests for us, as a way to make it vis­i­ble, that fre­quency in form.

The Uni­verse does this for us, not to us. That’s why I frame it in terms of the Uni­verse giv­ing us what we want. It is as a ser­vice to us, that the Uni­verse is designed to func­tion in this way! What bet­ter way to bring it to our aware­ness for inter­ven­tion and heal­ing if not through a process of mak­ing it vis­i­ble to us? And what else could pos­si­bly moti­vate us to make the effort to trans­form it if not the mis­ery that comes from encoun­ter­ing these fre­quen­cies in our daily life?


  1. says

    I have been doing a lot of read­ings on the fas­ci­nat­ing law of attrac­tion and how our uni­verse works.
    The way I under­stand it is that our emo­tions con­trol our vibra­tions that we send out to the uni­verse. To get a bit tech­ni­cal, which is how I under­stand it, by feel­ing an emo­tion our brain pro­duces chem­i­cals. So for each emo­tion (anger, frus­tra­tion, hurt, love, joy) there is a sep­a­rate chem­i­cal. Once you feel an emo­tion, your brain releases a rel­e­vant chem­i­cals (called a pep­tide) which flow into the blood stream that dis­trib­utes them to dif­fer­ent parts of the body (into all the cells). Once this chem­i­cal attaches itself to the cell it lit­er­ally trans­forms it. So imag­ine if you feel anger, after a bit your body responds with ten­sion, head ache and it almost lit­er­ally aches. What I am try­ing to say is that by feel­ing an emo­tion, in a sense, you change your cell and thus change your vibra­tion.
    Relat­ing it to your sit­u­a­tion, you also remem­ber a feel­ing that it gave you. Thus this feeling/emotion effects your vibra­tion. Thus attract­ing the same or sim­i­lar cir­cum­stance into your life. What you need to do is to sim­ply for­give and let go. Thus, when you remem­ber that sit­u­a­tion, you don’t feel the feel­ing of hurt, pain or what­ever you can relate to. Thus you are giv­ing your­self an oppor­tu­nity to cre­ate new future and new cir­cum­stance.
    For­give and let go.
    I hope this has helped.
    Take care

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    Have you known women, for instance, who divorce one abu­sive alco­holic spouse only to hook up with yet another abu­sive male? Is this not an exam­ple of repeat­ing a neg­a­tive pat­tern? Neg­a­tive pat­tern is another way of describ­ing low fre­quency rep­e­ti­tion. When I talk about the Uni­verse giv­ing us what we “ask” for, I am not say­ing that we con­sciously ask for bad things to hap­pen to us. I am say­ing that when we walk around in a neg­a­tive state of mind, we are uncon­sciously trans­mit­ting a vibra­tion that will attract to us peo­ple and sit­u­a­tions on that same fre­quency. This is how the law of vibra­tion works.
    We def­i­nitely have a choice. We can choose to ques­tion these neg­a­tive sto­ries that gen­er­ate thes low fre­quency feel­ings and up our fre­quency. This is how we inter­vene on these neg­a­tive pat­terns … we make them con­scious and begin to focus on higher fre­quency thoughts.

  3. LWI says

    Won­der­ing about the fol­low­ing state­ment, “the Uni­verse gives us what we want.”

    I do believe that there are no acci­dents. In my opin­ion, inci­dents within our lives are oppor­tu­ni­ties for learn­ing impor­tant lessons, not only for self, but to share with another, sort of like, pass­ing it on. We may not real­ize dur­ing a par­tic­u­lar inci­dent, that a les­son presents itself. For me, some­times my aware­ness may hap­pen some­time after the incident.

    For me, yes, there is a mag­i­f­i­cent form of vibra­tional energy sur­round­ing all of us, within us, as well as con­nect­ing us to the uni­verse. How­ever, I have curios­ity regard­ing vibra­tional energy and how it gives us exactly what we may need/want, in any given time in our lives. I won­der how we as indi­vid­u­als may receive our own string of requests, by a vibra­tional frequency.

    Within myself, I don’t think I have asked for cer­tain inci­dents to be repeated again within my life­time. For exam­ple, I am hav­ing a dif­fi­cult time under­stand­ing that any form of tor­ture that an indi­vid­ual may have either endured or observed will then receive a repeated form of tor­ture due to vibra­tional fre­quency. What if the indi­vid­ual choose to release the pain sur­round­ing the above, does the vibra­tional fre­quency still man­i­fest itself into tor­ture, again? Or, what if the indi­vid­ual has not yet healed from the inci­dent, how can we know how much the release of pain is enough, so that the above does not present itself again? I’m also hav­ing dif­fi­culty under­stand­ing how a per­son would actu­ally want tor­ture to occur again within their life­time. To me, this has me think­ing that we want to con­tinue to be tor­tured, we have no other choice due to vibra­tional fre­quency.
    Inter­ested in receiv­ing a com­ment.

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