Life Experiences Reflect Internal Stories

Our unhealed stories run us from the unconscious. They generate a vibrational frequency that attracts into our lives a “like vibration” or similar frequency. For instance, my own experience as someone who was sexually abused was that for years I attracted and was attracted to abusive men … over and over I attracted men into my life who I basically re-enacted my childhood abuse with. I am not saying that I wanted this consciously. However seen from a Universal vantage point of the Universe, it could be said that my ego certainly did “want” it. Why in the world would the ego want such a thing?

Ego (remember, the ego is our wounded child self) is about promoting a story that will keep us in a limited and painful identity – in this case, the identity of victim. Ego has evolved a story about who we are and as long as it can keep us identified with that story, it maintains control. It feeds on low frequency thoughts and feelings. Keeping a victim story alive and going is how it strengthens its idea of who we are.

But there is a way this ego set up works for us. The Universe is a mirror … my stories become my life experiences – my life experiences reflect my internal stories. Recognizing this and learning how to decipher daily happenings in the same way we use a mirror to get the fleck out of an eye is the key … we know that daubing at the mirror will not remove the problem. In the same way, attempts to manipulate external events will not effect real change. Finding the internal source of the external reflection and intervening on that level is how we expand consciousness so that healing can happen. 
Blessings, Lynne

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