We Are Vibrational Beings

We are vibrational beings living in a world based on vibration. The Universe absolutely gives us what we “ask” for … not necessarily the things we request verbally, nonetheless we unfailingly get whatever it is that our vibrational frequency “requests”. The Universe picks up on our vibrational frequency and attracts to us that which reflects that same vibration. Every one's life experience is determined by their vibrational frequency. Our emotional body is designed to “transmit” these vibrations out, where they are picked up and reflected back to us in concrete reality.

This means that when we have unresolved issues revolving around childhood sexual abuse, for instance, our emotional bodies will emit a vibration that will actually attract more of the same sort of abuse. The sexual abuse is part of our vibration. The Universe picks up on these frequencies and manifests for us, as a way to make it visible, that frequency in form.

The Universe does this for us, not to us. That’s why I frame it in terms of the Universe giving us what we want. It is as a service to us, that the Universe is designed to function in this way! What better way to bring it to our awareness for intervention and healing if not through a process of making it visible to us? And what else could possibly motivate us to make the effort to transform it if not the misery that comes from encountering these frequencies in our daily life?

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  1. I have been doing a lot of readings on the fascinating law of attraction and how our universe works.
    The way I understand it is that our emotions control our vibrations that we send out to the universe. To get a bit technical, which is how I understand it, by feeling an emotion our brain produces chemicals. So for each emotion (anger, frustration, hurt, love, joy) there is a separate chemical. Once you feel an emotion, your brain releases a relevant chemicals (called a peptide) which flow into the blood stream that distributes them to different parts of the body (into all the cells). Once this chemical attaches itself to the cell it literally transforms it. So imagine if you feel anger, after a bit your body responds with tension, head ache and it almost literally aches. What I am trying to say is that by feeling an emotion, in a sense, you change your cell and thus change your vibration.
    Relating it to your situation, you also remember a feeling that it gave you. Thus this feeling/emotion effects your vibration. Thus attracting the same or similar circumstance into your life. What you need to do is to simply forgive and let go. Thus, when you remember that situation, you don’t feel the feeling of hurt, pain or whatever you can relate to. Thus you are giving yourself an opportunity to create new future and new circumstance.
    Forgive and let go.
    I hope this has helped.
    Take care

  2. Have you known women, for instance, who divorce one abusive alcoholic spouse only to hook up with yet another abusive male? Is this not an example of repeating a negative pattern? Negative pattern is another way of describing low frequency repetition. When I talk about the Universe giving us what we “ask” for, I am not saying that we consciously ask for bad things to happen to us. I am saying that when we walk around in a negative state of mind, we are unconsciously transmitting a vibration that will attract to us people and situations on that same frequency. This is how the law of vibration works.
    We definitely have a choice. We can choose to question these negative stories that generate thes low frequency feelings and up our frequency. This is how we intervene on these negative patterns … we make them conscious and begin to focus on higher frequency thoughts.

  3. Wondering about the following statement, “the Universe gives us what we want.”

    I do believe that there are no accidents. In my opinion, incidents within our lives are opportunities for learning important lessons, not only for self, but to share with another, sort of like, passing it on. We may not realize during a particular incident, that a lesson presents itself. For me, sometimes my awareness may happen sometime after the incident.

    For me, yes, there is a magificent form of vibrational energy surrounding all of us, within us, as well as connecting us to the universe. However, I have curiosity regarding vibrational energy and how it gives us exactly what we may need/want, in any given time in our lives. I wonder how we as individuals may receive our own string of requests, by a vibrational frequency.

    Within myself, I don’t think I have asked for certain incidents to be repeated again within my lifetime. For example, I am having a difficult time understanding that any form of torture that an individual may have either endured or observed will then receive a repeated form of torture due to vibrational frequency. What if the individual choose to release the pain surrounding the above, does the vibrational frequency still manifest itself into torture, again? Or, what if the individual has not yet healed from the incident, how can we know how much the release of pain is enough, so that the above does not present itself again? I’m also having difficulty understanding how a person would actually want torture to occur again within their lifetime. To me, this has me thinking that we want to continue to be tortured, we have no other choice due to vibrational frequency.
    Interested in receiving a comment.

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