A Victim Vibration

We have adopted, as truth, distorted ideas about who we are. For instance, I had a deeply entrenched identity or story about being a victim of child abuse. Carrying such a story vibrated a frequency that brought one abuser after another into my life. it was the vibration that I knew best – was most familiar to me.

Children who are molested are most often, if not always, children who have a prior history of neglect and abuse. I see this over and over again in this work. Why? Because they are already walking around in a low frequency that makes further abuse possible. 

Years ago, I read an interview with a pedophile (he was in prison) who, when asked how he picked his victims, said this: “I could take you to a playground right now and point out to you a child that I could get away with molesting. She would be the one that is walking around, as if she were wearing a huge sign, that said, “You can do whatever you want with me and nobody will care”. He was talking about vibrational frequency! You can bet he was a pro at detecting “victim” frequency – he had practiced it for years!

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