The World As the Mirror of Our Own Mind

I had the most inter­est­ing encounter at a local store illus­trat­ing how the world around me reflects my own inner debates. I was return­ing an item and there was a line. The guy in front of me “stalled out” tex­ting on his cell­phone when our line moved ahead, and I, in my eager­ness to move […]

Being all the way to Doing … and Back Again

In a state of morn­ing sur­ren­der I abide, for long sec­onds at a time, in The Vibrat­ing Silence. Being in that Pres­ence, bathing in its Essence, one with it … There is no sep­a­ra­tion. No thought, not even the aware­ness of a self, is pos­si­ble here. Then, sud­denly the Observer Within notices the experience — […]

Teaching Kids To Choose Happiness

My daugh­ter and my three grand­chil­dren were vis­it­ing recently and I sug­gested that we take the dogs and walk over to see the new cabin our neigh­bor was build­ing just up the road. Every­one was enthu­si­as­tic about going except for my youngest grand­son who just turned four. He was imme­di­ately resis­tant. It was too hot, […]

Parallel Paths and Polar Opposites …

Have you ever had the thought that just maybe there are peo­ple around us who are liv­ing par­al­lel paths to our own? That per­haps they, sim­ply by liv­ing their own lives, grant us an oppor­tu­nity, to see the choices we did NOT make, the paths we did not take? I have had some­one who has […]

Are You Making A Case ‘Against’ or ‘For’ You?

We do make a case, don’t we? We all do. Every one of us makes a strong case in our mind against some ‘thing’ we believe should be dif­fer­ent. And we are sure we are right. We use the ‘facts’ we gather from oth­ers who share our stance, as well as the ‘evi­dence’ we have […]