Fighting Addiction … does it really work?

Resist­ing our addic­tions does not help us elim­i­nate them. Let’s use the exam­ple of smok­ing. When we think of our­selves as addicted to smok­ing, who do we become? Remem­ber when we believe it, we auto­mat­i­cally feel and act is if it’s true … So it fol­lows course then, that if we believe we’re an addict, […]

Going Down Into Our Innermost Darkness … For Consciousness Sake

I went down into the dark­ness for two whole days recently. It was a VERY dark time emo­tion­ally … I felt angry and hope­lessly exhausted with no end in sight. I had spi­raled into old famil­iar ter­ri­tory, into the “I’m never going to real­ize the rewards of my hard efforts” story that has been with […]

The World As the Mirror of Our Own Mind

I had the most inter­est­ing encounter at a local store illus­trat­ing how the world around me reflects my own inner debates. I was return­ing an item and there was a line. The guy in front of me “stalled out” tex­ting on his cell­phone when our line moved ahead, and I, in my eager­ness to move […]

Being all the way to Doing … and Back Again

In a state of morn­ing sur­ren­der I abide, for long sec­onds at a time, in The Vibrat­ing Silence. Being in that Pres­ence, bathing in its Essence, one with it … There is no sep­a­ra­tion. No thought, not even the aware­ness of a self, is pos­si­ble here. Then, sud­denly the Observer Within notices the experience — […]

Teaching Kids To Choose Happiness

My daugh­ter and my three grand­chil­dren were vis­it­ing recently and I sug­gested that we take the dogs and walk over to see the new cabin our neigh­bor was build­ing just up the road. Every­one was enthu­si­as­tic about going except for my youngest grand­son who just turned four. He was imme­di­ately resis­tant. It was too hot, […]