The Problem With Looking For A Problem

In victim consciousness there are three roles we play that all come from a perspective of blame (a primary characteristic of v.c.).

One of the roles is the Rescuer.

World Rescuers constantly look for problems that need to be fixed – without realizing the ”problem” they create (for themselves especially) when they give so much focus to problems. (what we focus innhets bigger)

We could train our focus on the other and equally valid side of any and every situation and see it as being FOR us – somehow – in some way- not necessarily to feel good – but to reflect for us that which we believe.

The world provides for us the same function that a mirror serves for a ballet dancer; It reflects to the dancer where the body is out of alignment.

In the same way the world, through our interaction with it, mirrors to us where our thoughts are out of alignment with the Reality of who we are.

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