Our Two Opposing Selves Meet Reality Formula

Most of us believe the limited, fear-based, ego-drenched version of who we THINK we are, and discount the rare glimpses of the authentic being that we truly are. 

The interaction between these two totally opposing selves creates the evolution and co-creation, through contrast, of our greatest desires. 

Our mission, should we accept it, is to intentionally, with purpose, choose to focus on and celebrate the authentic reality of who we are – knowing that what we focus on expands…

This is how we ”expand our consciousness.”

I share tools of awareness for deliberate focus that are designed to move you from a fear-based victim of circumstance to realizing the co-creative consciousness that you are and have always been. 

I've asked my team to make my fees more affordable because I see humanity in the midst of an evolutionary shift in consciousness – 

and I want to be available for your support… 

Learn more: lynneforrest.com/coaching

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