Understanding Between Conscious Lovers

Conscious Understanding Between New Lovers:

Let's not put pledges and conditions on our relationship – let's not try to nail it down – it will only resist and bring us the very thing we are trying to prevent – we both know this-


Let's be honest with one another about our preferences and desires – our vision of where we would like the relationship to go, even if we think it is unacceptable to the other.

Let's say what we want out loud to one another so we will know the desires in each others heart and can consciously consider how their desires can work with our own without demanding it be so.

Knowing each others desires, we may perhaps be better able to find the places in us where we can merge our visions. And we may find the places we cannot; we find places we are willing to concede and shift our responses – but NOT out of some displaced need to please or mold ourselves (or them) to fit ”their/our” vision – But because we feel.”moved” to do so for reasons of our own.

In essence, we find within ourselves the desire to blend our vision – or not – and we stay or go accordingly…

It will be right however it goes … because it will be honest … and in alignment with our inner being …

In this way, I believe, we can truly find the flow and rhythm of appropriate expression.

May it be so.

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