New Years Day Ritual

Join with me a minute. Let's take this moment to look back over the past year – to review and learn about what choices were made and what sort of harvest they brought. Not to look with a critical eye – not with judgment or condemnation. Approach your review with a gratitude that comes from knowing that Reality is always benevolent. Whatever our life experiences are, they are opportunities for opening and refinement. We are a work in progress. It is our own refusal to accept and align with Reality that causes our suffering.

There is a gentle way to see Reality …. to practice an attitude of surrendering to Reality …. for instance, by thinking thoughts like:
“Thank you for the lessons you bring, Reality. Help me to integrate these lessons so that I might open more to Your Way.”

Bring some of the lessons from your past year into your minds eye now, in this moment. Look at them with an attitude of, “these things happened FOR me – they came to teach me by mirroring me to myself more clearly. They came for my own “viewing pleasure”.” Reflect on some of the growing opportunities that came your way? What beliefs from your past created limitation for you this past year?

Although reality cannot be found in the past, we can learn through a review of our past. Past is the remaining remnants of memory, stored tatters of opinion and impressions that changes shape and content over time. By leafing through the pages of the past, we can see where our past ideas and thoughts have brought us. But we get in trouble when we base decisions now on these memories from the past. When we use past to validate and reinforce limiting beliefs we create unhappiness for ourselves. Using the past as The Standing Ground upon which our life decisions are made is comparable to building our house on sand.

Once you've reviewed your past year, set an intention around how you want to feel about life in 2008. See the lessons from this past year and then send your intention off into a new direction. What do you want to experience in 2008?

The future, like the past, is not reality. It is only a mental construct. It is not a “real” place. You wouldn't want to build your foundation on future anymore than you would build your life on past. This would be like building a house on wind … Future is total illusion and impossibility! Why? Because it doesn't exist. And yet, there are those who base their life decisions on this imagined place.

Instead use future to help you envision where you want to go. Let it show you where your current beliefs are taking you. (For example, “If I go on believing that I am poor, unlucky or ill, where will that lead?)

A wise person uses this sort of information consciously. Look at the harvest of your past beliefs and clear those beliefs that have caused suffering through limitation. Set your intention to believe that which will deliver the future you want to manifest.


happens Right Now.


2007 is behind you. You are here now. That's good… No past … it's gone.
Where you are right now is where you are. You could not be anybody or anywhere else and be you! Only You, here and Now … can do that.

May Reality govern your every thought… and The One Truth be your daily Master as you walk in peace Now.

Happy New Year!

Blessings, Lynne

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