Invocation for the New Year

“Let Reality govern my every thought
… And Truth be the master of my Life.”

This is the invocation I use to close most of my group sessions … It seemed appropriate that they also be used to bring closure to the old year and initiate the new year of 2008.

The words contain a powerful invitation to live in reality, yes … but there is a deeper meaning as well.
The words, “Let Reality govern ….
Who is this Reality I am turning myself over to?

There is only One Reality … Reality is another name for God or Universal Source.
It is “The What Is”. It is the straightforward and simple Truth.

I start every day with that reminder. Reality is the foundation from which I want every thought, every move to flow out of. May Reality be the Master of your life in 2008.

Peace, Love and Joy for a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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