Mental Cleanse with Byron Katie

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I am back on the mountain after four days in Los Angeles with Byron Katie. WOW! Did I ever come back “saturated” with experience and data! I spent three solid hours on my mat yesterday clearing and processing. It wasn't until then that I began to get real insight around why I'd really gone to L.A.

I was drawn to Katie's “Mental Cleanse” process originally because it was described to me as having a very sort of open and flowing format … meaning one could come and go as felt right for us. I did not know (and am only now discovering) how powerful an impact it would have on me.

Katie is Awake. She is a very clear and concisely present model of awakening. This is my opinion, of course. She reflects to me that part of my own mind that is crystal-clear, sane and free. I SO appreciate her for modeling that for the “viewing pleasure” of anyone who wants to witness it.
I was able to see more fully the shape that my particular “Work” is taking as a result.

While I was at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in L.A. along with some 300-400 others who were there to do what Katie calls “The Work”, I noticed (and initially gave myself a hard time about it) that I did not mingle with the group. I did not feel compelled to meet or exchange personal details with anyone there – Not because the people weren't incredible … they were! So much consciousness and vibrant aliveness – warmth and color – gratitude and kindness all together at once … Wow! So it wasn't that I didn't feel “at home” or because I felt inhibited … no, just solitary …. I did not give away (or receive) a single business card, even to the two people who came to me with questions about their own process. One, in particular, who I agreed to do a short process with around his own physical illness – I did not even ask his name or share my own – I look back now and wonder why?. The only answer that comes is that I simply did not. Not because I decided not to do it – it just never occurred to me to do it!

I am only now seeing that there is a growing space inside of me as the doing falls away.

I did have a short dialogue with Katie in front of the audience. Someone had said they believed that the body was not run by the mind”… And I stood and shared about my own physical rejuvenation as a result of questioning the beliefs and mental concepts being held in my own body through a physical practice. Katie offered words of encouragement later, in private, on the “creative work” that I was doing, “clearing the mind through the body”.

Yes, in retrospect, I can see that I went, not to be seen or to network with others … I was there to take Katie's four questions IN to the inner realms for the single-pointed focus of clearing “Lynne's lens”. (never realized before that the plural form of my name sounds like “lens” — interesting… )

I had not read the workshop material thoroughly before I got there, so I did not know that the cleanse was also designed to be a physical, “juice” cleanse. Katie supplied juices for every meal – folks would line up in long lines for a variety of organic fruit juices and vegetable broths. At least, so I was told … personally, I ate all my meals in my room. I didn't question (until now, actually) why I wasn't interested in participating in the juice cleanse. Again, I just didn't. Obviously I didn't want to.

Story came up around all sorts of things … and I applied the four questions and turn around and found much release. The well (reservoir for Source) in me has been deepened as a result.
I am deeply grateful for my own journey of consciousness and for those who model it so beautifully. Thank you, Katie.

Blessings, Lynne

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