Dealing With Ego Generated Pain

It is only our ego that devises low frequency stories. Ego comes from our early wounding and is therefore of low frequency. Source is the highest frequency possible … how can it produce low frequency? It cannot produce low frequency results … any more than cats can give birth to puppies or vice-versa. High frequency can only generate high frequency and low frequency can only generate low… it’s that simple.

Only our own negative thoughts can make us suffer. So when we notice ourselves feeling pain, we quickly question our thoughts towards “upping” our frequency.

We strive to make conscious what we are telling ourselves and then we ask whether that thought is high or low frequency. If it takes us down, we know that it is ego driven and therefore in need of clearing.

When a painful memory surfaces, notice what the feelings are that come up with it. Remind yourself that there is no feeling that comes up that you can't handle… you've already lived through it!
Follow the feeling into the story behind it. Question that story using the four questions of Byron Katie’s “The Work”.
And forgive … forgive others and forgive yourself for believing and replaying those old, painful memories in your mind over and over again. What self torture we endure for ego sake!
This is why we say that forgiveness is something we do for ourselves. Forgiveness “ups” our frequency so that we can treat ourselves more kindly and aligns us with our true desires.

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