Cleansing Our Bloodlines

I am always awed at the timing of our emotional process … it is proof positive to me that Source is in charge. My process is always so “right on time” — memories surface along with the resources needed to help me clear my story around them. In this way, I not only increase my capacity for inner peace, but am working to heal my whole bloodline as well.

As I clear these old stories from childhood that were passed down to me from my wounded parents who inherited them from their wounded parents and so on for generations, I am doing the work of freeing my bloodline from the same painful lineage.

By choosing whether or not to go on believing these old stories, I am given the opportunity to break the chain in a lineage of pain. When I no longer invest belief in these old stories, I notice that my family members begin to question them as well. A higher frequency baseline is possible for the family – less trauma and drama occurs. Peace follows.

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