Painful memories from the Past

Sometimes painful memories surface. In the process of reclaiming our true selves, we must look back at where we’ve been. That is the true purpose for having a “past”. We remember the past in order to reflect on where we’ve come from. This allows us to recognize the limiting stories we are still carrying. This is the only stress free reason to revisit our past … to learn from the path we’ve traveled for the purpose of making better choices for our future. When we look back with regret, telling ourselves it should’ve been different, we accomplish nothing positive. We only feel bad.

In looking back, our childhood stories are often triggered, bringing painful feelings. These feelings are a part of the emotional charge from early childhood woundings that we carry and blindly project out and then relive. They have become part of our cellular makeup. We’ve “believed them” into reality.

These stories and their accompanying painful emotions come up to help us clear. They become visible so that we can recognize that we are out of alignment. They signal us that a clearing is warranted. Bringing awareness and inquiry to what we are telling ourselves restores peace and acceptance.

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