Visualizing the Future

Visualizing future in a way that “ups” our frequency is appropriate use of projection. Do that, rather than aligning with a story of inner gloom and doom and building a dire “Oh no … what if” scenario in the mind. When we look into the future from a place of alignment, it makes it possible for us to see where the story we are currently running in our heads will take us. (If I tell myself that I am a failure and believe it … it only takes a quick glimpse into future to show me where that thought will take me!)
Replace the low frequency story with a higher frequency version by focusing on how you want to feel around this issue in the future. (I had a great encounter with that practice the other morning. During my daily practice, I was asking myself how I wanted to feel around some particular thing in the future. I laughed out loud when I heard myself say, “I want to feel more of what I feel now! I want more of THIS!”. (There’s nothing more potent for “upping”frequency than true gratitude.)
Purposefully, with intention, visualize what you want to FEEL in place of the feelings that go with your old, painful story. This properly aligns you with where you want to go by putting you on the same frequency track.

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