Understanding Our Dreams ….

Recently someone wondered out loud why dreams come to us in such hard to understand, “cryptic” symbols … Her musing prompted a few thoughts …

Dreams only appears like some kind of “cryptic” code to us until we get better acquainted with the language (of psyche). It's the same way with any foreign language – it seems nonsensical in the beginning but as you acquire an ear for it, it becomes easier to understand.

The psyche speaks in pictures. It communicates with us from within our own understanding of how things work by taking familiar objects from our waking world and using them as symbols in order to communicate a message to us “holistically”. It is telling us something about a process that is occurring within us as represented by each of the symbols. The process being communicated is what's important – it's not therefore essential that the dream “make sense” to the external viewpoint.

Dreams are a way our intuitive, inner mind communicates with us. We can look at any person or object in a dream as representing some part of ourselves. By contemplating our associations with that person or thing we can begin to locate that in ourselves which is being reflected and worked on.

Don't you just love the effort that the psyche is willing to put forth in order to connect with you during the night? Dreams are VERY cool!

Blessings, Lynne

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