Could It Really Be That The World is Perfect Just As It Is?

This idea that the world is perfect in its design is not some new age nonsensical idea. It's the way it is.

It's only when we think that the Universe is supposed to live up to some utopian ideal of a perfect world that we find ourself struggling against the way things are. When we believe these sorts of thoughts we tend to see ourselves as “failing” at bringing about the perfect world of peace, love and harmony. We feel guilty and walk around feeling like some kind of leech that is destroying the world we live in.

I understand. It's hard to accept that rape and pillage, war and hatred could be part of a perfect world. But it's true. If it were not so, it would not be the way it is …. Since it is the way it is, we have to seek a deeper understanding of why it's so.

This requires a shift in understanding. Else we will never be able to live in this world with any semblance of peace. Such a shift comes when we see that the world is working perfectly according to its purpose

What is its purpose? Every single event and type of person on the planet is absolutely necessary, just as they are … in order to faithfully demonstrate to us the inner workings of our own minds.

The world is the perfect mirror of our thoughts – whatever those are! As long as there are thoughts that culminate in acts of violence we will continue to see external manifestation of violence in the world … that is the world perfectly showing us our own low frequency beliefs. How better to see and understand the repercussions of our own thoughts except to see them in three dimensional, solid form right before us?

Think about it.
Blessings, Lynne

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