Hearing the small still voice

Receiving answers to life's questions through inner dialog is ALWAYS available to us. All that's required is that we be quiet enough and trusting enough to hear that “small, still voice”.

The goal is to stimulate access to a sort of ongoing conversation with that Inner Wisdom throughout our day. This is why I encourage a daily practice. The discipline of starting each day with a committed contact with Source opens our inner hearing and acclimates us to looking inward to the place from where all true life support comes.

It promotes a daily dialog with a Living Intelligence that can and does actively respond to us. Such a dialog is ongoing throughout my day. Learning to connect to it and trust it has proven to be my most rewarding and worthwhile challenge!

That Still Voice answers any question I ask … sometimes in words, other times through external life events. It keeps me inspired and constantly listening for it's simple, profound wisdom. That's one reason it's so easy to get up in the morning for my daily practice. I know I will receive comfort, clarity and release from the story generated confusion that otherwise prevails.

I hope you are finding that same sort of in-joy-ment. 🙂

Blessings, Lynne

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