What are feelings?

Pay attention to how you react when you judge something (anything) as “bad”.
When you believe, for instance, that feelings are bad, how do you react towards them?
I don't know about you but when I think my feelings are bad, I want to get rid of them. I act like something is wrong with me for having them … I deny them, medicate them, feel powerless over them or blame them on someone else.

I've learned that feelings just are. Yes, it's true, they are heavy or light, but I'm speaking of heavy as density, not as a defining term about their quality – Feelings can be “light as a feather” or heavy as a crate of apples…. but not heavy or light as in some sort of judgment of them as good or bad.

All feelings serve the same purpose, whether they be heavy or light, hi or low frequency (again, we're talking about a frequency of vibration here – NOT some judgment about their quality).

Feelings serve in two ways, actually ….
They report my present frequency rate and they transmit that vibratory rate out to attract a similar vibration to me for the purpose of making my inner state visible.

In other words, all feelings are simply messengers. If I've judged my feelings as unacceptable or “bad” then I've put myself in an antagonistic relationship with them. I will therefore be less receptive to the message they've come to bring. I'll be too busy trying to get rid of them!

Stressful feelings are simply heavy energy come to help me make conscious a low frequency belief. How else would I know I'm creating a dense, heavy, low frequency reality for myself, if not through their benevolent report?

Feelings are NOT the enemy. They are not personal, at all. They are simply serving their purpose which is to let me know what my present vibrational status is.

Why would I produce more low frequency simply because my feelings are reporting low frequency? (which is what happens when I resist feelings I've judged as unacceptable).

How can they help me if I'm busy trying to get rid of them. A healthier option might be to accept their message… to see them as a finger pointing to the belief that is generating a low frequency and then apply the four questions as a way to step back from that concept. Peace follows. Peace cannot come when I am practicing self hatred in the form of fighting my feelings.

They are your path to freedom.

Blessings, Lynne

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