A Skeptic’s Sensitivity

I remember well the years (and I do mean years of not being able to feel energy, leaving me with the notion that there was no such thing – even though I liked the idea of it … I mean really … how could it be real if you can't see it, touch it or feel it moving?

And it's not like there was this sudden change in my sensitivity level that brought me tangible evidence of the substance and reality of energy. As a matter of fact, it's only been in recent years that I've been personally able to “see” it and actually feel it when I move and work with others. (I thought I must really be developmentally retarded when it came to this stuff – here I'd been teaching about it for years and still could not palpably experience it!)

Because, you see, I came to believe in energy long before I ever palpably experienced it!

I think there are several things that had to happen before I could truly experience energy in any real sense of the word …. (of course, I am speaking totally about my own experience – I have no idea if these things will work for anybody else)

First, I began to relax my inner demand for proof. As I continued on in my daily pursuit of knowing Self I found more and more, second-hand but what seemed to me to be, irrefutable evidence of energy healing and miracles that had transpired in the lives of others. And then I, too began to have experiences that could be explained no other way. (You know the old saying, “the proof is in the pudding…” ) I had to admit to myself that “unexplainable” phenomena were happening in my life experience. I'd have an experience and then, like magic… I'd be handed a book or article that would expound on how such things were possible energetically.

One tiny example ….
I'd be with someone and find myself talking to them about something seemingly unrelated and even irrelevant to our conversation … Later, they would tell me that they had been weighted down with a problem that they had not felt they could talk about and that I'd “read their mind” and spoken right to the issue at heart. (Of course, I cannot read minds … so how did this happen?, I'd wonder …. well, of course, “Spirit is working through you”, I'd think and then the thought – being the analytical mind that I am, would be, “What is Spirit?”)

As I relaxed into trusting that energy is real, I began to simultaneously relax my demands about how to experience it. My energy awareness became an internal experience, i.e. I began to “see” energy in my mind as I was working with people. I would then “test” my vision by checking it out with them in some way … I found that what I was seeing was accurate MOST of the time!

And so it slowly progressed …. I moved from feeling to seeing it, ever increasing my sensitivity to feeling and seeing energy at increasingly subtle levels. Of course, the biggest leap has come through my daily practice … my sensitivity has increased phenomenally through this daily conscious awareness practice. Now, I can feel it – coming and going …. AND see it! Thus my skeptic's sensitivity has been slowly transformed into an incredible sensitivity.

I support the unfolding process with energy that is happening in you …
Blessings, Lynne

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