Proof Of His Love For Us ….

The Kingdom is Real …
God is REAL …
and unnamable…
and unfathomable
and so intimately in love with you that He ministers and prompts your every breath.

What more evidence than that could we possibly need as proof of His Abiding Belief in us?
How could we possibly doubt Him or His Love for us when He is as close to us as our very skin? He surrounds us like a protective cloak and whispers his love song of silence into our innermost being.

Ever aware, is He … and attentive of our every thought. Patiently He waits for us to open to Him, so tolerant is His understanding of our inability to even comprehend, much less appreciate his integral closeness.

May all of your old limiting stories about Source dissipate. May any and all beliefs that have limited your relationship with It disappear and be replaced with a profound belief in Him as your only Guiding Force.

May you open to the birth of this whole new, higher frequency of experiencing Him in your daily life.

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