When Life Events Dictate My Mood ….

Here's another commonly shared idea …
“The more I heard about how much it was going to cost … the worse I felt.”

How do you feel and react when you tell yourself that your mood is determined by some outside factor, like a bill for your house or your car? Or your dentist or the children's education?

When our feelings are determined by external factors like high expenses or things breaking down etc …. when we believe our moods are externally created – that we are being forced into a low mood by the events of our life, then where does that leave us? So if it's a low bill, we get to feel good and if it's high … then I get to feel bad — this is what I call living in reaction. It places us on the victim triangle in the Victim position.

“My life circumstances dictate my emotional state, is that true?”
Examine such ideas closely … I have … and I cannot find good enough reason to believe it!


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