My Moods Are My Choice

I have come to the conclusion that I don't have to feel bad – Ever….

And I can choose to feel bad whenever I choose.

I “choose” to feel bad whenever I run a pain producing story about what's happening in my life…

“My husband should tolerate and console me when I'm feeling down … if he doesn't it means he's not right for me”
… this is a thought stream that creates a certain feeling energy when I believe it … a distinct low frequency vibration that brings me unhappiness.
I notice the frequency and immediately meet it with open curiosity. Is it true?

What “babies” come from such thoughts? You know, what I mean by “baby” thoughts, right? These are thoughts that hatch out of more centralized core beliefs …. Thoughts like … “yeah, and if he doesn't, then he's not a good mate …” or “I don't have to put up with that… I deserve a mate who will love and support my moods … regardless of what they are!”

Such thoughts are a downward spiral into misery.

At least this is the way it looks to me.

Blessings, Lynne

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