A Case for Daily Practice

We really start making headway on the path when we begin to recognize the benefits of having a committed daily connection with Source. The catch is that doing a daily practice from a place of “I should” or guilt can actually defeat the purpose. This is because “should’s” and “shouldn’ts” belong to ego …. When ego is in charge of our daily practice, our motives for doing it are of a low frequency … we may be doing it out of a sense of obligation, to impress others or convince ourselves of our evolved status. These reasons do not achieve the higher frequency results that would inspire us to stay with it.

The whole purpose of a daily practice is to increase our frequency so that we can align with the High Frequency of Source and access that Flow in our lives. We do that by doing something that brings us joyful awareness everyday. Anytime we participate in something that ups our frequency and aligns us with Source, we worship. Whether that’s to sit in silence or dance with abandon … painting or poetry … singing or yoga … walking in the woods or running on a beach, when done with the intention of coming more into harmony with Source, it qualifies as daily communion.

There is a very sensible and practical reason to align daily – that is simply because it WORKS! We can feel the results in our day-to-day life almost immediately! Daily practice grounds us, aligns our intentions and clears our mind so that Source energy can flow through us for the purpose of self healing and service. We start witnessing synchronicity in our daily dealings and our capacity for joy increases as stressful thoughts decrease.
Experiment with it and find out for yourself!
Blessings, Lynne

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